Twelfth Night: The Script

The Rude Mechanicals, Summer 2001

Working Script [last updated May 30th, 2001.]


Annotated Script: [Version 1.0, March 21st, 2001.]

Scene One: The spell is cast.
Scene Two: You got your Messalinians in my Illyria! You got your Illyrians in my Messaline!
Scene Three: Subplot powers, activate!
Scene Four: Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
Scene Five: Cupid, you pestulant twerp.
Scene Six: The thought plickens.
Scene Seven: Houston, we have a problem.
Scene Eight: The night wrote a check the morning couldn't cash.
Scene Nine: Viola's mission reasserted.

Scene Ten: The gulling of Malvolio.


Scene Eleven: Cupid, you pestulant twerp, part II.
Scene Twelve: Sir Andrew gets talked back into sticking around.
Scene Thirteen: What could possibly go wrong?
Scene Fourteen: Malvolio's affliction revealed & Sir Andrew & Cesario's "duel."
Scene Fifteen: Hijinx ensue.
Scene Sixteen: Visiting Malvolio the lunatic.
Scene Seventeen: Sebastian takes Cesario's place at Olivia's side.
Scene Eighteen: Dénouement.

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