Twelfth Night: The Photos

The Rude Mechanicals, Summer 2001

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"I do assure you, 'tis against my will"

(l to r) Fabian (Sean Eustis) pushes Viola (Jaki Demarest) into a fight with Sir Andrew (John Hefner), pushed by Sir Toby (John Williams).

"Not black in my mind, though yellow in my legs"

(l to r) Olivia (Elise Berg) is menaced by a newly amorous Malvolio (Jack Wibbe) while Maria (Rachel Zirkin), Feste (Kelley Slagle) and Fabrina (Leah Hall) look on.

"Farewell dear heart, since I must needs be gone..."

(l to r) Maria (Rachel Zirkin), Malvolio (Jack Wibbe), Fabrina (Leah Hall), Feste (Kelley Slagle), Fabian (Sean Eustis), and Sir Andrew (John Hefner) watch Sir Toby (John Williams) get down with his bad self.

"For so you shall be, while you are a man"

(l to r) Olivia (Elise Berg) and Sebastian (BJ Mitchell) watch as Orsino (Joshua Engel) offers his hand to Viola (Jaki Demarest).

"To exceedingly good sense-less"

(l to r) Sir Andrew's (John Hefner) letter perplexes Maria (Rachel Zirkin), Fabian (Sean Eustis), and Sir Toby (John Williams).


(l to r) Viola (Jaki Demarest), disguised as Cesario, has caught the eye of Olivia (Elise Berg).

"Come, but one verse"

(l to r) Fabian (Sean Eustis) attempts to show Viola (Jaki Demarest) how to play the music Orsino (Joshua Engel) and Curio (Dave Rusiecki) wants to hear.

"Did you ever see the picture of 'we three'?"

Feste (Kelley Slagle), Fabrina (Leah Hall), and Fabian (Sean Eustis)

The Company

(l to r, back row) Priest (Jay Henry), Olivia (Elise Berg), Sebastian (BJ Mitchell), Malvolio (Jack Wibbe), Orsino (Joshua Engel), Viola (Jaki Demarest), Curio (Dave Rusiecki) ; (l to r, front row) Fabrina (Leah Hall), Sir Andrew (John Hefner), Sir Toby (John Williams), Maria (Rachel Zirkin), Fabian (Sean Eustis); (seated, front) Feste (Kelley Slagle)


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Photographs © 2001 Annaliese Moyer.
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