Twelfth Night: The Bios

The Rude Mechanicals, Summer 2001

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Elise Berg (Olivia) is overjoyed to be a part of Twelfth Night, her second show with the RMs. She has only two words to say to her fellow cast members: Most Wonderful!

Jaki Demarest (Viola) comes here to feed her secret addiction for crossdressing. When not acting in high school cafeterias, she can generally be found pinch-hitting for Cal Ripken.

Alan J. Duda (Assistant Director/Set Engineer) "Sir Not Appearing In This Production" has acted in the prior four RMs plays. He has wanted to direct and is glad he had this opportunity to not. He lives in a pink trailer.

Joshua Engel (Orsino) still considers himself a novice in the theater. Twelfth Night is his eighth Shakespeare play, and his ninth is already in production. When he gets to Cymbeline he plans to wrap back around.

Brett Esley (Valentine) is extremely happy to be a part of the RMs in his second play with them. Throwing props to the peeps in the crew and dealing with him when he has had WAY too much caffeine. He's extremely happy to be doing the one thing that he really enjoys ­ well, that he can do on stage anyway. "To thine own self be true."

This is the third time Sean Eustis (Fabian/ Production Coordinator) has been talked into doing a show with the RMs. Previous appearances have been as characters who die in Macbeth and Hamlet. Finally, a character with lines in the middle of the play!

Leah Hall (Fabrina) is no stranger to the RMs. This is Leah's third RM production [Hamlet (Player Queen) and Henry VI (Elizabeth Grey)] and would like to thank this talented group of actors for all their instruction, support and friendship. She is very grateful to director Kevin Hollenbeck for allowing her to use her singing voice for this production.

This is John Hefner's (Sir Andrew) second show with the RMs, the first being the Prince in Shakespeare's Henry VI. In the Fall, John will be off to Washington College in Chestertown, MD. He would like to thank his mother and all of the Rude Mechanicals, esp. Kevin, Alan, Rachel and John, for all their love and support.

Jay Henry's (Captain/Priest) greatest aspiration is to actually audition for the role(s) he ends up playing.

Twelfth Night is Jeff Hersh's (Constable) second production with the RMs. Out of everything from this production he has learned that the old phrase is true, "It isn't easy being a cop."

Kevin Hollenbeck (Director) was almost talked out of being a theatre major once. His current whereabouts are unknown. He'd like to thank the significant others of the cast and crew for bearing with this process.

BJ Mitchell (Sebastian) is loving his dream role ­ beautiful women chasing him while he wins every fight. The biggest worry: Antonia singing "You Oughta Know" every night as they drive home together. Thank you Leanne for the line runs, the costumes and for being "(Mostly) Good Natured" during the times it counted most! And thank you to the cast, crew, & kids for all the help and fun. And special thanks to Kevin for having a good sense of humor even when things got tough.

Leanne Mitchell (Antonia) has performed in the last 4 RMs productions, as well as with LCT in Oklahoma and Damn Yankees. When not acting, she is busy being a mother, a computer programmer and a costume maker. She sends her love and thanks to her husband BJ for his eternal support, her kids for their help and understanding, and to Tina and Bette for constant sanity checks. See her appearing next in Thirteenth Night: Antonia Gets Even.

Jeff Poretsky (Lighting Designer/Set Engineer) is new to the RMs crew, although he knew too many of the cast socially beforehand. This is his first professional lighting design. He cannot be held responsible for his actions if you ask him about the lighting system.

Quinapalus (Itself) would like to thank Kevin for the encouragement to stick with it.

Dave Rusiecki (Curio) buys his undershirts at Target. He would also like to thank the makers of Lego, 7-11 corndogs, Wendy's round-up combos, and the PG County Public Library.

Although Kelley Slagle (Feste) is very happy she gets to portray a character who dresses freaky, she is very distraught that this production does not allow her to commit bloody violent acts... on stage.

Jack Wibbe (Malvolio) has played not only Richard III but also his brothers Edward and Clarence (not all in one night), and played Bottom and Oberon in Midsummer Night's Dream (ditto). He also played King Lear, and directed and produced Hamlet, Man For All Seasons, Philadelphia Story, and Henry VI in the round (for which he choreographed the battle scenes and designed the lights). He hopes to play Henry II in Lion in Winter this fall. He also indulges in international mischief in places like Paris and Baghdad for the Government and the UN.

John Williams (Sir Toby) is now on his second performance with the RMs. In reality, John is not a person, but a highly advanced computer simulation programmed by Josh when the cast was in need of a replacement for Clarence in Henry VI. Unfortunately for John, he doesn't get an upgrade until after the performance. Sort of like Windows.

Rachel Zirkin (Maria) is already an old face with the RMs. She's also an old face to Twelfth Night, having previously played both Viola and Feste! However, she is new to the role of Maria. Thanks to Kevin, Alan and Sean for all their hard work. And now, for something completely different...

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